Day 49

April 7, 2013

First, thank you God for a good night’s sleep! I moved rooms so I couldn’t hear my son screaming. As a mother I instinctively know when a child of mine is truly distressed even if I am out of range from them. It turns out he didn’t scream at all. Phew!

Latter-day Saints believe in the resurrected J...

Second, my oldest daughter did NOT want to go to church today. She had a complete meltdown. Last week two girls at Sunday School were whispering negative things about her and she was terrified to go back. We are new to the church and last week was Easter Sunday so there were more people in the class, but it always breaks my heart when children are cruel to each other. I offered to talk to the teachers, but she still wouldn’t go. I offered to let her sit next to me in the sanctuary, but she still wouldn’t go. So, I relented and agreed to let her stay home this weekend with the caveat that next Sunday she has to go. My husband took my middle child to church while I stayed with the other two.

It was nice. It was quiet. There was no whining. There was no crying. There were no fights between her and her younger brother. It was almost a spiritual experience.

We spent the entire morning cleaning up the house. The girls had two play dates yesterday, which meant the house was essentially trashed with toys. Despite all our efforts, there was still more to do by the time lunch rolled around. Even so, I am grateful that my daughter helped me pick up the house and did so with willingly and lovingly.

I have been struggling with the blues again. Today was almost unmanageable.

The weather was incredible, however, and the kids played outside all afternoon. They even helped my husband in the garden. They did such a great job that he was able to start putting seeds in the ground!

I am grateful my husband let me take a nap when my son was napping even though he was tired, too.

Later, we went over to a neighbor’s house to watch some of the General Conference, which is a semi-annual event held by the Mormon church in Salt Lake City, UT. Our neighbors streamlined the talks through their television so we were able to catch some of it before having dinner. I am very grateful they had us over; they are a sweet family and very kind. It’s nice to spend time with people who are just good people.

Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA....


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