Day 105

June 2, 2013

I am grateful we got the girls to their Irish step dance recital on time. I was such a Nervous Nelly, but the kids were great and the dancing was wonderful. The little kids were so stinkin’ cute! I am so proud of my daughters. It was a big event and a big night.

English: Girls performing Irish step dancing i...

The recital didn’t finish until 8:30 pm, which on a Sunday night is past bedtime for us. The girls fell fast asleep in the car on the way home. They were so exhausted!


Gall-tír (Photo credit: Barka Fabianova)

I enjoyed the extra one-on-one time with my son while waiting for the girls’ recital to begin. I taught him how to say the words “hocus pocus” in order to open the sliding doors on the minivan. He has a slight speech delay so “hocus pocus” was a good workout for his mouth.

As tired as I am, I am full of warmth and love and peace and gratitude. Life is good


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Mother of three. Wait! Mother of three? Yes, indeed. Plus, wife to fabulous husband. Geologist. Doodler. Vivid dreamer.
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