Day 116

June 13, 2013

I am grateful I had the chance to visit my daughters’ school today. My middle daughter will turn six in exactly one week, but school ends this coming Tuesday. So I decided to bring in treats today to celebrate her pending birthday.

My birthday is the day before her. I remember not being able to celebrate my birthday in school because it always seemed to end around Flag Day. A classmate, John So-and-So, had his birthday on Flag Day, which meant he was the last person in my grade to have a birthday celebration at school. I’m not bitter or anything. Ahem!

Back then my mom didn’t think to send the treats in early. Parents were a tad less involved than they are these days. Plus, teachers are fairly flexible and schools encourage parents to visit and be involve in their children’s education.

So when I asked if it was okay to bring treats in a week early, they said, “Sure!”

Let me tell you something: Kindergartners can eat a lot of food! I brought in powdered mini donuts and chocolate covered donut holes. Most of the children picked two donuts of some sort. Only one didn’t have anything. When they realized there were more donuts, each child asked for another one or two donuts. There were more than a few kids who wanted thirds (which was really like 5th’s and 6th’s), but the teachers and I politely declined their request (lest they bounce off the walls even more than they already had been).

Mini powdered donuts

My older daughter’s lunch started after I delivered the donuts to my younger daughter’s class so I poked my head in the cafeteria to sit with her. She was sooooo happy to see me! Most of the kids get excited to see a parent actually. Elementary school kids are so vibrant and alive. The kids are also extremely rambunctious and need a LOT of supervision and reminders to be quiet, but – wow! – they are so full of pure sweetness.

I think working in an elementary school would be really awesome. I totally enjoyed my visit there today.

Other things I’m grateful for today: meteorology, weather prediction, and modern technology. There was a tornado that hit the town where I grew up (just north of where I live now), but thanks to modern technology people were given advanced notice to take cover. I’m praying that all my friends who still live in that area are safe and suffered no damage to their homes.


Also, a friend of mine in Colorado Springs was evacuated from her home due to the fires. I used to live in Colorado Springs and am praying for all the people I know there. Many people have lost their homes, but I hope they haven’t lost their spirits and can rebuild when the fires are over.


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