Day 248

October 26, 2013

Shopping. Shopping. And more shopping today.

I went to Little Lords and Ladies, my favorite local consignment shop, to buy clothes for the kids’ upcoming baptisms and winter coats for the cold weather that’s coming our way. I found a beautiful dress for my Lil’ Bean and a handsome outfit for my Lil’ Man. My older daughter didn’t like any of the dresses in her size so we’re going to use one she already has. She did, however, get a winter coat, as did my son.

I’m really grateful for the consignment shop because I was able to use store credit earned from the sale of my kids’ gently used clothing and had earned enough stars to get $10 off my purchase. Plus, I feel really, really good about doing something positive for the environment. I hate buying new clothes not just because of the cost but also because the amount of waste we produce in this country from the fashion industry alone is enough to make me crumple inside. Not to mention the toxins from the fabric dyes. Since we can’t afford to buy all organic clothes, buying used clothing is a great second option.

I did have to buy a new coat for Lil’ Bean because there weren’t any coats in her size that fit right or were warm enough. However, I still feel good at taking positive steps … and saving a ton of money at the same time!


About einoka

Mother of three. Wait! Mother of three? Yes, indeed. Plus, wife to fabulous husband. Geologist. Doodler. Vivid dreamer.
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