Day 349

February 9, 2014

I’m grateful we made it to church this morning. Another great sermon. I highly recommend listening to it if you have about 30 minutes.

The basic take away is that often times when we find ourselves in a crappy situation one of the first things we do is blame God. Instead of looking at ourselves and seeing how we got ourselves into a bad situation, we think the bad situation was brought upon us by a deity.

It isn’t that simple.

Sometimes I wish it were, though I think that would mean giving up the co-creative relationship that I have with God.

Sure, not everything that has happened to me in my life were the direct result of poor decisions or arrogance. The times that I have royally screwed up were often a result of insufficient parental guidance, but I seemed to have found my way nonetheless.

It may be dog-eat-dog out there, but so far the dog has not eaten me.

I’m also grateful that we purchased a new dishwasher. I’m not sure if I told you the last one couldn’t be installed because it was too high.

Oh, I did.

Anyhow, the contractors agreed to take out and replace the tile for $100-125, which meant I could purchase the dishwasher I wanted and save some money. On top of that, today was Friends and Family Day at Sears so I got 10% off my purchase! Not only that but since I bought an appliance I can send in a copy of my receipt to get $150 Visa check card!


I must admit I feel like God is watching out for me right now. With very little money coming into the house, every cent that leaves is precious. God may not be able to spare us from reality but at least He can work a little magic so we aren’t sucked down the drain.

Of course, my atheist friends would say that this happy turn of events was nothing more than random luck. I’m okay if it was. I’ve had plenty of bad luck. I don’t think it really matters if I say it’s God or Luck that was responsible for the saved money at Sears.

I can be grateful either way.


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Mother of three. Wait! Mother of three? Yes, indeed. Plus, wife to fabulous husband. Geologist. Doodler. Vivid dreamer.
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