Day 361

February 21, 2014

I took the afternoon off work to tackle the paperwork I didn’t file while my dad was here. Although I didn’t make it through the whole stack (it’s been almost a year since I’ve dealt with the paperwork), I made progress AND I cleaned the basement. Enough that I was able to vacuum the floor.

Go me!

My daughter’s class celebrated Valentine’s Day today because they didn’t have school on the real Valentine’s Day due to snow. I am one of the room parents. So far I’ve led most of the activities, but this time the other mother led the activity, which was great given how overwhelmed I am right now. I am really grateful that she was up for putting it altogether.

I’m also grateful tonight is NOT Bingo night at the school. I thought I was going to have to shuttle the kids from dance class to dinner to school, but I was relieved to have the night “off.” Once dance class was over, I picked up dinner for them at Burger King (a weekly treat) and spent the rest of the evening in a more relaxed frame of mind.


About einoka

Mother of three. Wait! Mother of three? Yes, indeed. Plus, wife to fabulous husband. Geologist. Doodler. Vivid dreamer.
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