Day 363

February 23, 2014

Today has been hectic. Laundry. Baths for the kids. Laundry. Dishes. Cleaning the bathrooms. Laundry.

But the weather has been beautiful.

I agreed to host a play date for my older daughter and let my younger daughter invite a neighborhood friend over to play as well.

They spent most of their time outside, which was great. The sidewalks in our neighborhood are now covered with roads, hopscotch squares up to 52, houses, and abstract art. The younger girls took some of the leftover snow and mixed it with the chalk, which was messy but interesting.

After my older daughter’s play date left, my friend Nina Bean and I went for a run while her husband watched the kids. The run was fantastic for two reasons: 1) I wanted to go on a run while the weather was so gorgeous and 2) I got to spend time with a good friend.

I am so grateful for today.


About einoka

Mother of three. Wait! Mother of three? Yes, indeed. Plus, wife to fabulous husband. Geologist. Doodler. Vivid dreamer.
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